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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Sweet Dreams



This tutorial was written by me June '09. It is ©SarendysDreamz

Any similarity to other tutorials is coincidental.

Do not copy this tutorial post through any groups or claim as your own.

Supplies Needed

Scrap Kit I Used Is called 'Sweet Dreams' by I Don't Give A Scrap. You Can Buy The Kit Here

Template Of Choice - I Used 'Missy Tag Template 108' Which Can Be Downloaded Here

1. Open Up Template.

2. Open Up Paper of Choice - I Used SDPaper7

Image - resize 75%

Edit - Copy

3. Make The Template Active

Click on Your Magic Wand

(Feather and tolerance - 0)

4. Making Sure The Shape One Layer is Active Select the Middle of the Shape.

Edit - Paste as New Layer

Selections – Invert

Hit Delete on Your Keyboard

Selections – Select None

5. Redo Steps 2 - 4 for the other shape and the 3 stars

Using Different Papers For Each (resize 75%)

I used: Shape 2 - SDPaper9

Stars - SDpaper6

WordArt - SDGlitterpaper4

6. Open SDCloud

Image - resize 50% twice

Copy - Paste onto Template

Move into Desired Place

Lower Opacity to 70%

7. Open SDMobile - Resize 25% then 50%

Copy - Paste onto Template

Image - Rotate - Free Rotate 10 Left

8. Open SDBear - Resize 25%

Copy - Paste onto Template

Move to Desired Place

9. Open SDmoongems - Resize 25% then 50%

Copy - Paste onto Template

Image - Mirror

Move into Desired Place

10. Open SDFlowerDust - Resize to 550px on the Longest Side

Copy - Paste onto Template

Move Layer so its Above The White Background Layer

Layers - Duplicate

Go Back to Original Layer

Image - Mirror

Image Flip

11. Add Drop Shadow of choice to

All Layers APART From the Cloud.

(I used 1, 1, 60, 6)

12. Merge Layers

Resize to Around 425px on the Longest Side

13. Add Watermark and save as JPG

I hope You Have Enjoyed This Tutorial


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Snag my Blinkie :)


All My tutorials are written using my own ideas, Any similarity to other tutorials is purely coincidental.

Please do not copy, rewrite or claim my tutorials as your own, this also means copy/pasting in other groups or sharing.

If you want to use my tutorials in your group, you may, but please just a text link. A thank you in my chat box would be appreciated.

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