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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Flowers Tutorial


This tutorial was written by me July '09. It is ©SarendysDreamz
Any similarity to other tutorials is coincidental.
Do not copy this tutorial post through any groups or claim as your own.
Supplies Needed

Tube of Choice - I Used the Work of Suzanne Woolcott which can be purchased here

Scrap Kit I Used is Called 'Reverie' by MellieBeans which can be purchased here

Mask and Font of choice. The Ones I Used Are Here

Step 1 - Open a Transparent Image 700 x 700

Step 2 - Open MH_Reverie_FlowerFrame02

Copy - Paste As New Layer onto Transparent Image

Step 3 - Activate Magic Wand

Select the Inside of the Frame

Selections – Modify – Expand 2px

Step 4 - Open Paper of Choice, I used MH_Reverie_pp06

Copy and Paste as New Image onto Working Image

Selections - Invert

Hit Delete on Your Keyboard

Selections - Select None

Step 5 - Open Tube of Choice, Resize If needed

Copy - Paste onto Working Image

Move the Tube so its Placed in the Frame

Add Drop Shadow


Move Frame Layer to the Top

Step 6 - Open Bow of Choice, I Used MH_Reverie_Bow02

Image - Resize 75% then 60%

Copy - Paste as New layer onto Working Image

Step 7 - Image - Free Rotate


left 45 degrees

Move to Top Left of Frame

Add Drop Shadow

(Same As Before)

Step 8 - Add Any Other Elements

Making Sure you Resize to Suit and Add Drop Shadows

Step 9 - Layers - Merge Visible

Step 10 - Open Paper of Choice, I Used MH_Reverie_PP01

Copy - Paste as New Layer onto Working Image

Layers - Arrange - Move to Bottom

Step 11 - Layers - New mask Layer - From Image


Layers - Merge Group

Duplicate Mask Layer if The Colour is Light

Step 12 - Layers - Merge Visible

Step 13 - Image - Resize to a Suitable Size

(I resized to 400x400)

Step 14 - Add Copyrights and Watermarks

Step 15 - Save as PNG


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Snag my Blinkie :)


All My tutorials are written using my own ideas, Any similarity to other tutorials is purely coincidental.

Please do not copy, rewrite or claim my tutorials as your own, this also means copy/pasting in other groups or sharing.

If you want to use my tutorials in your group, you may, but please just a text link. A thank you in my chat box would be appreciated.

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